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Tin Plated Products

Tin plated products are flat steel products in the form of coils or sheets with a thickness varying from 0.12 mm to 0.60 mm. They are manufactured by tin plating the low-carbon cold rolled mild flat steel through electroplating. Both surfaces can be tin plated equally or with different amounts.The tin plated products are manufactured through continuous annealing (CA) or batch annealing (BA), and they can be single reduced (SR) or double reduced (DR).These products are used for the production of numerous industrial products, primarily in the metal packaging industry, including chemical containers for products such as industrial oil and dye, etc.; food packaging such as two- or three-piece tin cans, sauces, oil and cheese packaging; beverage cans; jar lids, crown caps/beverage caps and easy-open lids; aerosol containers; decorative boxes; boxes containing toys, and stationery supplies.

Cold Rolled Products

The cold-rolled products are flat steel products in the form of coils or plates with a thickness varying from 0.20 to 1.20 mm. These products are manufactured by cold rolling, annealing and tempering the hot rolled pickled flat steels. The physical properties of the tandem cold rolled materials are homogeneous across the coil, while excellently meeting the expectations in terms of surface flatness, width, and thickness distribution.The cold rolled products are manufactured either through continuous annealing (CA) or batch annealing (BA).

Galvanized Products

The galvanized products are manufactured by zinc plating the both surfaces of the cold-rolled flat steels or the pickled flat steels following the hot rolling process, using the hot-dipping method. Production can take place in the organic film coated, chromated and/or oiled form depending on the preference of the customer, with the desired surface quality.

Painted Products

The painted products are manufactured by painting the rolled and galvanized flat products on the continuous lines through polyurethane rollers. The painted products are a primary choice to ensure further corrosion resistance and for aesthetic purposes.Applications are possible with various paints, depending on the area of usage and the requirements of the product, such as polyester, PVDF, Plastisol, wrinkle polyester, Polyamide Modified Polyurethane (PUR-PA) and antimicrobial paints.

Hot Rolled Pickled Products

The hot rolled pickled products are manufactured by the hydrochloric acid (HCI) cleaning of the oxide layer on the surface of the hot rolled products, on the continuous pickling line.These products are preferred in usage areas where surface appearance and cleanliness is important in terms of subsequent processes such as dyeing. The hot rolled pickled products are manufactured in an oiled form.