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The environment is one of the priority issues to focus on to ensure a sound, livable, and better world. Failure to take the necessary measures means that severe global environmental issues, including climate change, will threaten the future of humanity. 

To this end, our sustainability objectives for a healthier and livable world are determined as follows: to create an ecological footprint; to identify and reinforce the lifecycle; to increase waste recycling rates; to monitor climate change; to determine the carbon footprint; and to respect biodiversity.

We obtained the Certification for the TS ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in 2017 and ensure its continuity with annual accredited third party audits. The ISO 14001 Environment Management System aims to carry out production with consideration for environmental impact in each step, from the first production stage to the introduction to the consumer, to perform environmental performance checks, and to improve environmental performance.

The following activities are primarily undertaken in our company in order to achieve our clean and environmentally friendly production goal under the guidance of ISO 14001.

We must always remember that the world we live in and nature belong to us, and never forget, as both individuals and communities, the importance of the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the earth we walk on, as well as the resources consumed relentlessly for the future of humanity.