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Tosyalı Toyo Çelik A.Ş. applies the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System to meet the OHS requirements. OHSAS 18001 mainly aims to foster and sustain a healthy and safe working environment by eliminating or mitigating the risks detected in the business in line with the legal regulations regarding occupational health and safety. 

OHSAS 18001 Yönetim Sistemi’nin amaçları üç ana başlık altında toplanabilir:

1) Protecting employees

Protecting employees against the negative impact of the workplace, enabling them to work in a comfortable and safe environment.

2) Ensuring production safety

Minimizing the workforce and working day loss that might occur due to occupational accidents and diseases, thus maintaining production through increased business efficiency.

3) Ensuring business safety

Ensuring business safety by eliminating dangers such as fire, explosion, machine failures, and downtime through measures taken across the working environment.

The following activities are primarily undertaken in our company in order to achieve the goal of “Zero Occupational Accident - Zero Incapacity - Zero Workforce Loss” under the guidance of OHSAS 18001.

We undertake activities aimed at occupational health and safety through compliance with the national and international standards, laws, regulations, and customer terms.

The Executive Management serves as a guarantor of the no-compromise policy for OHS, fully supporting each and every OHS effort.

As one of the backbones of OHS, risk assessment activities are completed effectively in a timely manner to ensure identification of potential risks in advance and the necessary measures are taken to mitigate the risks accordingly. In addition, risk assessment is updated continuously, and corrective and preventative actions are taken with reports including danger reports, near miss incidents, and onsite visits etc.

An Emergency Action Plan is drafted to identify what to do in an emergency and prepare for possible emergencies in the workplace and is communicated to all employees. Emergency response teams have undergone special training.

Annual emergency and evacuation drills are performed and the success of them is assessed with consideration of the cases covered in the Emergency Action Plan.

Mandatory OHS training sessions of 16 hours take place every year as per the legal regulations. Moreover, training is offered on raising awareness, risk assessment, and technical topics whenever needed.

Monthly OHS meetings take place alongside Foreman, Executive and OHS Council Meetings under three different categories to ensure the participation of all employees in the OHS activities, and the necessary flow of information.

Safety visits take place with or without notice in order to identify and eliminate the deficiencies in the field across the business.

Investigations are carried out for the occupational accidents that have occurred, any problems found is eliminated, and necessary precautions are taken to avoid the repetition of the accident. The occupational accidents are communicated to all employees and necessary actions are taken to avoid any similar accidents in other units.

Employees are required to actively use the “Near Miss - Danger Reporting Form” to report any onsite problems and near miss incidents that occur in the workplace. Reports are assessed meticulously and the necessary safety measures are taken immediately.

Onsite visits take place with the participation of the Executive Team, the OHS requests, concerns, and complaints of the employees are taken into consideration, and the necessary actions are taken to ensure continuous improvement.

The business permit procedures (including the contractor’s) are implemented on all the works that take place in our company and constitute a special risk.

Training is offered to raise awareness in order to ensure the safety of the contractors, subcontractors, interns and visitors in our company and onsite OHS inspections are conducted.

All of the employees, contractors, subcontractors, interns, and visitors are required to use personal protective equipment (PPE) on the site.

The Yellow Card Procedure is implemented in order to promote safe habits by encouraging the Tosyalı Toyo Çelik A.Ş. employees, third party employees, interns, and visitors to observe the OHS rules, and facilitate shared efforts and cooperation to foster a healthier and safer working environment through participation in our control procedure in the field of OHS.

Medical examinations take place for recruits to review the suitability of our employees for the job, while conducting annual examinations regularly to check whether they are affected by the workplace conditions.

The potential occupational diseases are taken into account in risk assessments in order to take the necessary measures.

The continuity of the necessary hygienic conditions is ensured by regularly conducting hygiene controls in the workplace.

Our biggest gain is to have healthy and happy employees!

Occupational Safety First