TT Online

Our Vision

  1. To Become an International Company
  2. To Create Brand Value 
  3. To Nurture Happy and Loyal Employees (ensuring employee satisfaction and loyalty)
  4. To Attract and Develop Talent (discovering and developing talent)
  5. To Adopt a Global Approach 
  6. To Meet Customer Needs Across the Global Market            
  7. To Shape Customer Needs                     
  8. To Be Simple, Flexible and Agile 
  9. To Have a Robust Financial Infrastructure 
  10. To Adopt Innovation as Corporate Culture 
  11. To Respect Society, People and the Environment 

Our Mission

To be a global company which pioneers the industry; boasts an experienced workforce and technological infrastructure to reinforce our efficiency and achievements; provides the best services and products to its target group; creates added value for our national economy; adopts social and environmental sensitivity and innovation as a corporate culture.

Our Values

  1. Adopting Occupational Safety As a Number One Priority 
  2. Integrity and Transparency
  3. Mutual Respect and Love
  4. Social and Environmental Sensitivity
  5. Creativity and Innovation 
  6. Being Open to Development and Change
  7. Focusing on Efficiency and Quality 
  8. Having Social Responsibility Awareness 
  9. Solution Orientation 
  10. Creating Added Value for Stakeholders 
  11. Customer Orientation 
  12. Sustainability